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Maggie Pajak

Maggie Pajak

I just want to formally introduce myself. I’m Maggie Pajak, the Author of the children’s book Jellybeans Morning, Noon and Night currently on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform. I’m an Army wife and mother to two boys Matthew (10) and Andrew (5) and reside in Glassboro, NJ. But that’s all public on my Kickstarter #crowdfunding project page.

What you don’t know is what this crowdfunding “project” really means. Right now I’m in a crossroads if you will.  My life can go into two completely different directions and YOU are playing a key role in helping me decide which direction I will go.

Here’s what I mean by that …

I spent the SUMMER packing and moving to South Carolina so my husband could extend his military tour there for a second year making his superiors happy. It involved me quitting my long time and secure position with a company I had been at for 12 years. It involved moving several states away from family and uprooting the kids from their schools and friends.

On the positive side, we were going to be able to stay together as a family vs. seeing each other for a weekend once every 30-60 days like we had already been doing for a year.  My husband and I also looked at it as an even BIGGER adventure, as it was also going to give me an opportunity to explore making a living at doing something that I love and that’s writing children’s books.

Long story short, just a month after we moved to SC, those orders that my husband had received and brought me to uproot our family had been rescinded due to “budget cuts.”

So I spent the FALL packing and moving back to Jersey (not complaining … just explaining).

This brings me to the crossroads part …

Getting this Kickstarter project funded would not just help me print the book Jellybeans Morning, Noon and Night, it’s much BIGGER than that!

Getting funded would enable me to continue achieving my dream to write and publish children’s books (I just started blogging about the progress of my second book here: http://www.ElfUnderCover.com).

My point is that behind every #crowdfunding “project” is not just a bunch of “products” …

or even a children’s book called, “Jellybeans Morning, Noon and Night.”

Crowdfunding is about a bunch of #goodpeople with a bunch of sweet dreams trying to help each other to achieve them!

To all my fellow crowdfunders and crowdfunding backers … May YOUR dreams be as sweet as jellybeans and filled with much success, love and laughter!


Maggie Pajak
Jellybeans Morning, Noon and Night@maggie_pajak