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SweetheartFebruary 14th is a special day and it’s not because it is Valentine’s Day (although that is pretty sweet too). February 14th at 8:56 am EXACTLY will be the last moment my Kickstarter campaign will be a live project.

I am hoping that on this day I will not just be celebrating Valentine’s Day with my husband and kids, but celebrating the success of my Kickstarter campaign being funded because a sweetheart like YOU made a pledge for some sweet rewards!

There is one whole week left to pre-order your copy of the children’s book “Jellybeans Morning, Noon And Night” through Kickstarter and get it before Easter! If this project is not 100% funded, this book will unfortunately not be printed at this time and you obviously will not be charged. You only will be charged if the book is funded 100% by February 14th at 8:56 am EXACTLY.

This children’s book is already 50% funded. We are half-way there! And there is a whole week left to go! So …

If you Love JELLYBEANS More Than …

Kermit Loves Miss Piggy


If you Love JELLYBEANS More Than …

Willy Wonka Loves Candy


Or you just want to support this Army wife, Mom of boys and Aunt of niece


Then click here to order your copy of

Jellybeans Morning, Noon And Night!


Thank you in advance and may your dreams be as sweet as jellybeans and filled with love and laughter!