Book Reviews

Chat With Vera: “Just looking at the cover of this bright, delightfully illustrated book and seeing the expressions on the faces of the three children who are the inventive characters of the story Jellybeans Morning Noon & Night simply draws you into its pages in anticipation of a rollicking time with the kids.”

Confuzzled Books: “A truly scrumptious book with a thought that will delight jellybean lovers. Two brothers have a creative idea on how they can bring mom around to the idea of having jellybeans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The art in the book is stunning. Made with colors not just for around Easter when jellybeans are most popular but designed for everyday story.”

This Kid Reviews Books: “Reading bedtime stories is a great way to get kids to go to sleep and “Jellybeans Morning, Noon and Night” is the perfect bedtime book!”

The Crypto-Capers Reviews: “This story is an interesting version of teaching children that too much sweets can make you sick. This story is told in a simple and fun way without preaching to the reader about not eating too much sweets and any other kind of food that is bad for you. The author takes a different and more subtle approach where the children find out in their own way really without the mother saying anything at all, though her actions is what speaks the loudest. She goes along with their plan only to fulfill her own. Very clever! Children between the ages of 4-8 will adore the illustrations while learning a valuable lesson of moderation.”

Stories By Unknown Authors: Renee Hand, educator, award winning author and professional book reviewer, interviews Maggie Pajak, author of “Jellybeans Morning Noon and Night.”